Body Blitz

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Body Blitz Program
At 43 years old and with almost 20 years since my last gym membership I needed to do some exercise. My goals are to lose weight and lower my blood pressure as well as generally increasing my fitness level to improve overall health. With work and life in general I have little free time so to maximise the benefit of my time at the gym I wanted a PT. Training with Claire has been amazing, she has turned something I needed to do but was not looking forward to into something I genuinely enjoy. Claire is friendly and very easy to get along with and really knows what she’s doing in the gym. For each hour long session I train with Claire I’m sure that to get the same results without her would take me many hours of training alone, and to be fair I don’t think I would achieve the same results without a PT regardless of time. There are exercises I do now that I would never have thought of doing without Claire, and many more where my technique would be poor if not for her continually correcting me to get the most from the experience. I’m very pleased with my progress over the last 4 months having lost about 10kg and seen an improvement with my blood pressure but also my fitness levels are significantly better which in itself makes time at the gym more enjoyable. Claire is always focused on helping her clients achieve their goals, always encouraging and a pleasure to train with.