Body Blitz

Workout Program

I started training with Claire and I can honestly say I thought it would be like the numerous diets and exercise programs I had started and would stop. I was okay with this because I just wanted to tone up as much as I could before a big summer vacation, I had planned. But once we started training I realised how much I needed it, and how little I knew about my body, what was capable of and how little I knew about nutrition and fat loss. What Claire did for me, was tie all these things together. I found myself working out throughout this holiday I had been working towards. I also did her 8 week Body blitz Strength program which gave me such soild results in such a short time. Ii learned about all the equipment I thought was useless to me in the gym, learned about how to manipulate my training ton give me progress and im just amazed at my before and after pictures. This is one of the best decisions I made, training with Claire, she is knowledgeable and patient. She will push you beyond your limits but never at the risk of Injury . Very professional and organised. I can’t wait to train this year. Thanks Claire