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Competition Prep

A training plan that will help you prepare for your bodybuilding and fitness competition. My training plan will help you look even better on stage.


If you have a holiday booked and are looking to get in-shape for the beach my training plans will help you. I will make you a training plan with the time you have remaining until your holiday.


If you have a photoshoot booked and are need to look your best in a short ammount of time, then I will create a training plan for you to get you in the best possible shape in time for your photoshoot.

Weight Loss

A weight loss training plan will help you burn fat, and help you keep it off. My training plans are suitable for all fitness levels.

Gain Muscle

My muscle and strength plans will help you gain lean muscle. These plans are perfect if you have hit a plateau and need to change up your routine, or if you are a beginner and need help building muscle.

General Fitness

If you don’t have a specific occasion coming up, or have a specifil goal in mind then my general health and fitness plans are perfect for you. Longevity and overall health and wellness.


Please contact me for more information. The price of my training plans will depend on the length of the plan, and what your goals are.

Training Plans On My App

Bespoke training plans that you will have access to through my mobile app. There are many features that will help you track your progress and keep you on track.

Claire Aves Fitness
Claire Aves Fitness

Bespoke Training Plans

Your bespoke training plans will be easily availible from my mobile app.

Schedule Planner

Book in your personal training sessions and apointments through my mobile app.

Tailored To Your Goals

100% customized to individual clients individual needs. Bespoke training and nutrition plans.

Claire Aves Fitness App

Progress Tracker

Track your progress through my mobile app. You can keep yourself motivation by your own results.

Regular Checkins

Weekly check-ins. You will be seeing results on a weekly basis and we will discuss you goals regularly.

Client Support

Online support through my Facebook community group and whats app text messenger.


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Lets Achieve Your Fitness Goals Together!

Whatever your fitness goal is, I can help you achieve it. I offer many services that are for all fitness levels and for an affordable price. Be part of the my community, and I will help you achieve your fitness goals.