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The Body Blitz Program

Gym Training, Home Workouts, Gym Equipment & Body Weight Exercises.

Body Blitz

Transform your body in my Body Blitz Tranformation. I affer an affordable body tranformation program that will get you results and keep you on track… Get ready to blitz your body!

Certified Fitness Trainer & Personal Coach

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, gain strength or just be fit and healthy then my range of 4, 6 or 8 Week Body Blitz plans are for you. You will be provided with training plans, nutrition plans, weekly checking, 24/7 support from me.

You can achieve your fitness goals at an affordable price!


Suitable For Beginners

Video Demonstrations

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Personal Guidance

Advanced Techniques


Proven Results

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Claire Aves Fitness Body Blitz

If You Can Dream It, You Can Live It

Are you short on time? Received what you may think is zero notice to get in shape for that function, photoshoot, wedding or summer holiday that you thought would never happen? Got a little carried away with the comfort eating on those cold winter nights, and all of a sudden summer is here!….Don’t worry, you will be amazed at the transformation I can help you achieve in a few short week with my “Body Blitz” packages. Make no mistake, these packages are very strict and regimental in the dietary and physical training requirements, but they bring results.

Transform your body in my 8 week body tranformation. I affer an affordable body tranformation program that will get you results and keep you on track… Get ready to blitz your body! You’ll have access to my app and all the online coaching features!

All of The Body Blitz Programs Include:

Whatever Your Goal I Can Help You Achieve it!

Training Plans

Pre-made training plans that are suitable for all fitness levels. A choice of gym training plans and home training plans with bodyweight exerices and weight training.

Diet Plans

Pre-Made diet plans that are suitable for all dietary requirements. You will recieve a pre-selected diet plan based on your height, weight, fitness goal, and dietary requirement.

Video Demonstrations

All of the exercises on my training plans are demonstrated on my mobile fitness app which is exclusive for my clients.

Weekly Checkins

We will talk on a weekly basis to discuss your results and to help keep you motivated.

Mobile App

My mobile fitness app is exlsuive to my clients. Your training plan and diet plan will be availible through my app. You will also recieve exlusive content for my members only.

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Join us on social media for the latest updates news and helpful advice. Our community pages help keep you motivated and hold you more accountable, which means you are more likley to achieve your fitness goals!