Tempting and nourishing meal plans on the go

We all have a busy lifestyle, but that is surely not a good excuse to compromise on the health. You need to ensure that you eat clean and healthy at all times. This requires smart planning on your part. When you plan your meals ahead of time, then you will always have the pantry stocked up. Moreover, you can even do the meal preparation in advance. Here we will discuss how you can come up with the best meal plans for your family.

Opting for advanced preparation

Now when you wish to go for healthy food option, then you need to remember the fact that you will need to dedicate a day for cooking. Well, the first thing you need to do is hard boil many eggs. The advantage of this activity is that you will be able to get hold of a 320-calorie breakfast in no time the next day. What you can do is grab two of the hard-boiled eggs along with a cup of grapes and whole wheat crackers. Now, this is a complete morning breakfast and saves your time as well.

You can also cook a lavish amount of brown rice on your cooking day. You can distribute the brown rice in single serving containers and only freeze the rice. You can take one serving of brown rice for lunch along with low-sodium tomato soup. You can even opt for commercially produced tomato soup. You can also make a single cup of non-fat yogurt that is topped with about half a cup of blueberries. This will make up approximately 480 calories. On your cooking day, you can also cook several chicken breasts without skin. These chicken breast can prove to be an ideal dinner option. Pull out one at dinner-time and serve with salad. You can even pre-wash the greens and the black olives. You can serve these with grape tomatoes and feta cheese.

Opting for the no-cook recipes

You can include the no-cook recipes in your meal plan as well. You can go with energy bars. They are a great breakfast option. They are packed with seeds and nuts, so you get enough energy for the entire day. Smoked Salmon with Avocado cucumber noodles is also a great option to try out for lunch or dinner. All you need to do is blend in some Avocado and add some lemon juice so that the Avocado does not turn brown. Season the Avocado sauce with pepper and salt. You need to cut the cucumber in noodle shape. Add the Avocado sauce on the noodles and top with Salmon. You can also try out the white bean Kale salad served with Tahini sauce.

Setup the plan

Now that we have discussed the recipes that you need to select, you can only set a seven-day meal plan. Decide the dishes per day and you are all established to go.

You need to try out the options above if you want to opt in for healthy meals plans on the go. These meals are undoubtedly quick and nutritious at the same time.

Claire Aves