Deciphering The Threats of the White Poison -Sugar

Do you believe that sugar is white poison? If you are thinking on these lines, then you are correct. Sugar is truly the worst ingredient that the modern diet has to offer to us. What makes sugar so bad is that it can have a lot of harmful effects on your metabolism. Moreover, it can lead to many diseases as well. Let us explore the dangers of sugar right here.

The dangers of sugar for your body…

Sugar is harmful for your teeth: You need to make a note of the fact that sugar has no nutrients whatsoever and is bad for your teeth. It tends to provide this digestible energy for the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Causes the liver to convert fructose into fat: When the sugar is about to enter the bloodstream from your digestive tract it tends to get broken into two forms of sugar. These two forms are glucose and fructose. The liver tends to metabolize the fructose. Finally the fructose is converted into glycogen. Now a small amount of fructose will not do any significant harm to your liver.

However, if you have been consuming a lot of fructose, then your liver will be full of glycogen and this will cause the liver to convert the fructose into fats. Eventually this can lead to a fatty liver.

Sugar can lead to insulin resistance: There is no doubt that insulin is quite significant for the body. It tends to permit the glucose to enter the cells from your bloodstream and tells the glucose to burn your fat instead of the glucose. However, if there is too much glucose in your body, then it can be toxic. This causes the insulin to stop working as it should and the cells tend to become insulin resistant. The insulin resistance can be the leading driver of many diseases like obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Cancer can be caused by sugar: Scientists are of the opinion that constant elevated insulin levels can be a contributing factor in Cancer.

Sugar causes obesity: Excess sugar affects the hormones and the brain in a way that it can lead to obesity. Sugar tends to cause decreased satiety. People tend to get addicted to it in such a way that they tend to lose their control over their consumption. Now you might be wondering why this addiction tends to take place in the first well. The reason is that when you consume excess amount of sugar, then it leads to the release of dopamine in your brain and this is why you become addicted to sugar.

A weak immune system is caused by sugar: The excessive consumption of sugar tends to suppress the immune response. The main reason is that the yeast and bacteria in your body tend to feed on the sugar. When they go out of balance, this is the time when your body becomes vulnerable to infections.

This is why you should make it a point to consume sugar in moderation.

Claire Aves